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This software is available for dissemination and research comparison purposes. This license does not grant the right to use this software or any derivation of it in a for-profit enterprise. These programs shall not be used, rewritten, or adapted as the basis of a commercial software or hardware product without first obtaining appropriate licenses from authors. This software comes with no warranty or guarantee of any kind. By using this software, the user accepts full liability.

The zipped files have been password protected. If you are interested in obtaining our Matlab code please contact us for the password. Kindly indicate your university/industry affiliation and a brief description of how you plan to use the code.

If you end up using the dataset or getting nice results with our code, and you are willing to share your results, we would be grateful. Also, please cite our papers if you report results in a publication.

  • Computational Model of Dynamic Saliency

  • Computational Models of Static Saliency

  • Shuffled Measures for performance assessment of dynamic saliency models

  • Line matching algorithm

  • Eye-Tracker DataBase

We prepared a database of a collection of eye movements from 22 human observers (aged 11-43 years) as they freely viewing 72 videos. Recorded using a SMI RED remote eye tracker (120Hz sampling rate and average calibration error less than 0.5 degreess), and to be made available to the vision research community. The database, along with MATLAB functions for its use, will be download freely here, and will be used without restriction for educational and research purposes.

CITIUS-Dataset download here